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Launching in April

We will launch the WorkerSpring platform in April. Our first version will help employers connect with Community Based Organizations to hire their job seekers. 

Community based organizations (CBO’s) are nonprofits that are representative of their community and provide educational, economic development or other related programs to individuals in the community – a good example would be United Way or the Salvation Army. The populations they serve may face some kind of barrier to getting a job. The programs and employment connections CBO’s provide their members are what some individuals need to find a good job and promising career. WorkerSpring allows CBO’s to communicate easier with the people they serve, stay updated on their job search progress, and expand their employment partnerships to get their job seekers hired.

We are thrilled to bring this solution to the market! Currently we are focused on The Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding cities). However, community based organizations in other areas can start their own Worker Spring anytime and invite employers to connect with their job seekers.